Hello, World
September 29, 2016

Welcome to my blog. I am a web developer based out of New Delhi, India. I will use this blog to write about python, django and a lot of development related stuff.

# views.py
from django.shortcuts import render

def about_this_blog(request):
    '''This page displays interesting features of this blog.
    return render(request, template_name='interesting_features.html')

Few things about this blog -

This platform is developed using Django which helps in building better web apps more quickly and with much less code. It is a framework built for perfectionists and I am very adamant to get there one step at a time.

I have used really great open source projects for building this website and I want to thank the developers by mentioning about their projects here. Lets check them out.

And of course this project is deployed on Heroku and will soon be on DigitalOcean.

Keep visiting for more.

Cheerio! o/

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